16. Just chillin. I'm much cooler over the internet I promise.

Being surrounded by couples all the time is Bleh. lol

my best friends are the absolute best.

extractly said: What's something cool that happened today?

well today hasn’t been all the great. my nephew, niece, and sister moved to a different state which was like losing three best friends. I cried a lot. but I just came back from a bonfire with cool people, so I guess that was pretty cool.

dirty mirrrrors

One of the worst things to have said to you is , “yeah I have feelings for you and stuff but I can’t date you because the color of your skin” ARE WE LIVIN IN THE 1920s STILL?! LIKE WHAT? IM HAWT UR HAWT. WHY SHOULD THAT BE AN ISSUE.

just had someone walk behind me making racist comments for a full two minutes if that tells you how my day is going.


following back tons


do you ever feel like having too many feelings that you just might explode

yes. all the time

I hate cats but cats on tumblr make me so happpy

if I had a pair of wings, I’d scoop you up and fly you away from here.

it’s currently 3AM and sleep is not an option rn. someone pls save me

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